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I grew up with a father who works as an SDET for a living, so I have always been exposed to a wide variety of computers. The idea of programming them was never that alien, either. Around 2004, I started playing with Visual Studio. I would use the built-in form editor to make designs which I would then hook together using a minimal amount of C#. The following year, my math class had graphing calculators. I would spend every period programming silly things on them. I eventually purchased my own TI-83+ which I could then program at my own leisure.

In late 2007, I discovered Game Maker. It's a simple IDE for a C like language called, imaginatively enough, Game Maker Language. I spent the following two years perfecting my skills with it before eventually deciding to learn a more commercially viable language: C++. I switched back and forth between learning C++ and using Game Maker for about two more years, until in 2010 I finally decided to almost completely abandon Game Maker and focus mostly on C++.

Since then, I've dabbled in assembly for the z80 processor on the TI-83+, C#, and Java. I have mainly stuck with C and C++ as my languages of choice though. I am currently pursuing a bachelors in computer science, and hope to get employed as an SDE soon.

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Last updated: February 1st, 2017