Kaslai's Site


Welcome to my site. My name is Andrew, though I'm known online as Kaslai. This site is a collection of personal projects, writings, and other digital goods that I have produced over the years. The primary goal of this site is to be a centralized compilation of anything important I've ever done.

Feel free to browse my projects or look at my resume. I will continue to update this site as time passes, and will include a timestamp as an html comment that shows the approximate time of the last update to the site.

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The site that my friends and I are running. Most of the content was created by my friend, Lupin.
Originally created as a joke to see just how awful of an aesthetic we could give to a functional site, WHFF is a filehost used primarily by myself and my friends. Lupin remastered it about a year after its inception to what it is now.
Last updated: February 1st, 2017