Calc2Key - Use your calculator like a keyboard.

A program written to satisfy the niche need to control your computer with your calculator.

Execution Chamber - A mass murder simulator!

Head down to the dungeon to have a fabulous time.

Extreme Engineering - A puzzle game involving physics, bridges, and trains!

This game was written for and submitted to Washington state TSA in 2012. It won first place.

Frog Lies - A screenshot tool.

This is meant to be a drop-in replacement for puush.

Lab of Broken Time - A race against the clock

You are a Dr. Pepper chugging mad scientist who just made the worlds first time machine - but with disasterous results.

My Music - Random songs that I have made.

I like to play around with music sometimes.

Scraps - Random things

A collection of small snippets of code, from one liners to semi-complex projects.

Last updated: February 1st, 2017